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On line Life Coach in S.A  – SarahC Life Coaching

Lives In Barrydale Western Cape

Hi!  I am Sarah and I am A Life Coach in the western cape situated in Barrydale and active On Line coaching in South Africa

I Offer My Services on line through out in South Africa and I live in Barrydale, West Cape

I  offer online emailing services, whatsApp face calls or any other preferred online service

Weekend break away workshops in Barrydale. Accommodation, relaxation and coaching workshops

About Me And My Passion To Serve YOU as an Individual, Family or Organization

I have not looked back since I started my private practice in counselling and coaching in 2014.

Assisting Individuals, Couples And Families To:

Gain their trust in relationships again,

Or not giving up on something so important they once thought might have been lost,

Or helping the abused partner realizing they do deserve better,

And empower the individual to believe in themselves again, are all just a brief summary of the joy this practice has brought forward.

Assisting Recovering Addicts to move forward and create a new life for themselves. Addiction today in many forms has become part of society as a norm to cope with loss, challenges, low self esteem, past trauma etc. Addictions have a traumatizing and adverse affect on any individual, the family, as well as anyone involved. To recover from any form of addiction takes an holistic approach as well as a thorough understanding of all the dynamics involved.

I am truly grateful  to be spiritually renewed and teach on the learnings I received from our Higher Power and Inner Source. The blessing to  live my passion by giving something back to life as I was taught through a lot of hardship but with so much compassion from our Higher power. The daily journey to connect with our Inner Source and Inborn Wisdom allows me to assist individuals to get into touch with their own strength and grow from their own spiritual awareness.

Most of my counselling and coaching knowledge and experience come from a lifetime interest and research as well as extensive reading and studying on the topics of relationships and human behaviour. I fully understand the importance of applying the knowledge I acquired and living the result in order to successfully coach and be an example of my own teachings.

Although every situation and individual experience is unique, I can claim that my own life experiences from surviving a troubled and traumatic childhood, a dysfunctional family life, failed past relationships, divorce, single parenting, re-marriage and step family life as well as loved ones addictions, contributed to my knowledge, interest and passion in the field of emotional and spiritual healing and relationship counselling and life transformation coaching.

My Spiritual Journey taught me the understanding that we can only be truly at peace in any circumstances as soon as we renew all areas of ourselves through our Higher Power and Inner Source.

My life purpose: Helping people to understand the impact of their emotional and spiritual health on their daily functioning and successes in their lives.

All personal and professional Relationships can only be successful once the emotional and spiritual dynamics involved are understood and dealt with properly.

Your quality of life depends on your emotional and spiritual well being!!!

It would be a privilege to me in assisting you through the process of understanding and dealing with your challenging issues. As a result, transforming you as a unique individual and powerful person you are meant to be!!!

I do holistic coaching and counselling in Afrikaans and English.

My Qualifications

I am a certified Transformation Life Coach, Negative Emotional Therapy TM Practitioner, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner -The training provider: Transformation Coaching Academy TM (Registered with COMENSA).

I hold a Diploma in counselling (Blackford Centre for Counselling,2013 )

Certified study in General Psychology. (Intec College, 2007)

Certified study in Industrial Psychology/Organizational behaviour.(Intec College, 2007)

Certified study in Child Psychology (Healing Hands International Acadamy, 2014)

Certified Addiction Recovery Coach (UACT Coaching Professional Body, 2016)

Certified Full Workplace Corporate Coach (Coach4success, Seta and Comensa accredited, 2017)

Amongst other work experience and being a training facilitator for various Companies, I also have years of experience in teaching, handling and counselling students in the aviation field as a qualified Grade 11 flight instructor and mentor in training and group training.

Although I do not claim to be a psychologist, I do use the following approaches according to the level of my studies, qualifications and knowledge:

Eclectic Psychology approach: (combination of theory)

As a NLP Practitioner I make use of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) in combination with Life Coaching and other conventional approaches (Cognitive, humanistic, Gestalt) to offer the Client a combination of methods to maximize the therapy process.

I also believe in energy healing methods for example; tapping (emotional freedom technique and negative emotional freedom) to unblock trapped emotions in order to assist emotional healing and ultimate emotional health.

Experienced On Line Life Coach and living in the Western Cape, Barrydale

I am an experienced and caring On line Life Coach living in the Western Cape.  So if you are looking for life coaching from a qualified and experienced on line life coach then look no further for a life coach in the Western Cape area. I dont only give a service, i am interested in everyone of my clients and are working hard to assist my clients to achieve what they are looking for in each session. I do after session services by giving reading material appropriate to your issues and work pages and related reading material as an added benefit to your time spend with me. All my sessions are outcomes based!!!!

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