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Client Confidentiality, Satisfaction And Coach Indemnity

As a counselling Life Coach I will do everything in my capacity to give the best service to all clients. I will ensure a confidential relationship between me and the client at all times. I will be giving advice where I think needed and information I think suitable to each client’s needs.

As I am a counselling Life Coach, not a medical practitioner, I don’t intend to cure any illness or disease or mental conditions. All medical needs must be addressed by the clients GP or medical specialist. In the event that I think a problem or clients issue is related to a medical condition, I will advise the client to a medical professional. It stays the responsibility of the client him/herself to attend to his/her own health and medical needs.

I will not be held liable or responsible by any client or relative/family members of a client for any personal conditions such as mental illness, suicidal tendencies, family break-ups or any other events that might arise whilst I am presently working with a client or did work with any person/s in the past.

I am NOT a SOCIAL WORKER and therefore do not handle any legal aspects of matters such as physical abuse, rape, molesting, murder etc. that needs to be reported to an official.

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