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Corporate Team Building and Corporate Coaching, Training facilitation and Wellness Coaching

Full Workplace Coach in South Africa

Company: Dynamic Development Coaching

Corporate Coaching, Staff communication Skills, Management Styles, Individual and group coaching and emotional education,  emotional intelligence, etc. are some of the services I offer the Company to excel the interpersonal health of its individuals and results in Company productivity.

I am also a Training facilitator and Wellness Coach

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  • Is your workforce despondent and negative?
  • Does the Company struggle to motivate their team members and individuals?
  • Do you achieve goals and deadlines without effort?
  • Is the office politics causing negative “vibes”?
  • Are their individuals that deliberately causing work atmosphere stress?
  • Does the Company have bullies?
  • Does the Company Management have an open door policy?
  • How healthy is the overall emotional well being of the Companies work force?
  • Are their toxic relationships amongst co-workers and/or management?

All the above points are what cause less productivity in a Company. All Companies should invest in the individual well being of their staff in order to create a healthy and productive work environment.

This can be achieved with as little as :

  • Once off workshops
  • Half a day per month or
  • One or two day workshop every quarter or
  • Two hour weekly workshop

To maintain a steady flow of motivation and encouragement in the work force.

I work out Company programs and packages according to Company needs and co-operating with the Human resource department/ Management requirements.

To establish your Company needs we can set up an interview whereby I look into the group and individual challenges and assist in assessing problem areas and suggest a coaching program and package 

A team is as strong as its weakest link!!

Schedule a free interview with me and let me help Your Company to succeed.

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