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 Emotional Healing and Coaching

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 Emotional Coaching assists You To Understand And Voice Your Emotions
And The Impact It Has On You And Your Relationships. Emotional Coaching helps You To
Recognize The Possible Emotional Destructions In Your Life And How It May Be
Preventing Your Personal Growth And Dissatisfy You.

As we grow up we perceive life through the lenses of our parents, superiors, teachers, friends, social media (and there are many more influences). We all create certain understandings, beliefs and value systems around our perceptions and what we believe to be acceptable behavior.

Emotional Healing Therapy

In the process we become attached to our understanding of the world and how we think life should be. We create our own story of what is true and how things are and we perceive our own reality as the only reality.

This can be to our benefit at times when we have healthy understandings of our surroundings, the people we interact with and are emotional intelligent about all these interacting influences.

However, this can take time to develop and achieve. Through this process one can suffer immensely when in emotional discomfort about our own lives as well as when we deal with our relationships in all the different areas of our lives.

We create a lot of self defense mechanisms throughout our upbringing and as we age such as anger, numbing, depression, people pleasing, co-dependency, addictions, and other forms of behavior to make the hurt feel slightly less intense.

We do this to protect us from emotional pain we perceive such as abandonment, rejection, disrespect, unfair treatment, loneliness, and many more uncomfortable feelings we endured as a child or in the porcess of life events and now being triggered as an adult by an event that causes this previous feelings to surface….we are mostly unaware of why we have the behavior as well as the deep grounded pain we are trying to protect.

Emotional Coaching And Emotional Healing

With emotional coaching and healing program I use different techniques and methods that are of individual approval and cooperation to source the deep lying events and allow them to our conscious in order to deal with them and heal them.

With emotional coaching and healing We discover your unique emotional triggers and how they affect your life and emotional well being.

With emotional Coaching and healing I will assist you to set healthy boundaries and letting go of what don’t serve you.

With emotional Coaching and healing You will learn what the “inner child” is and how to heal the emotional inner child in order to become a healthy and emotional intelligent adult.

With emotional Coaching and healing I will assist you in your journey on healing painful emotions (appropriate tools as well as after service support and following up on your well being. (I give homework, reading material, email support etc.)

Emotional Coaching Program Can Include The Following:

(The client to give the topics he/she wants to work with)

  • Personal Emotional Growth
  • Balancing emotional problems
  • Resolving Low self esteem resulting from emotional difficulties
  • Boosting self belief
  • Emotional Depression
  • Lack of emotional Intimacy
  • Anger Management
  • Resolving inner/internal conflict
  • Letting go of limiting beliefs
  • Motivation and confidence
  • Unbalanced emotions Emotional Intelligence
  • Letting go of past traumatic events and the pain it caused you

I use combination therapy such as Negative Emotional Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Emotional Freedom Technique as well as Time Line and other conventional therapies and spiritual teachings to offer the most suitable solutions to ensure an outcomes based session.

Every emotional coaching session in my practice are guaranteed to help the you with emotional growth and emotional health.

Everybody needs to be assisted at some point in their life whilst undergoing stressful events such as Divorce, coping with loss, dealing with change, ageing and acceptance, health changes, difficult emotional issues, and much much more.

Working with an experienced and qualified Transformation Life Coach could just relieve some of these very emotional traumatizing experiences. Nobody needs to be alone and having an objective helping hand might just put situations in more perspective and easier to cope with.

Everyone deserves to live a life whereby feeling worthy and applying self love are critical in achieving inner peace, self acceptance and able to deal with emotions. Let me help you apply the tools needed to become the person you were meant to be. YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!

Please Note:

I respect each individuals religion, space of emotional needs and perspectives. You as the Client set the paste for the session and request a goal you would like to achieve for the session, thus making sure YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT out of the session.

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