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Addiction Recovery On Line Coach in S.A living in Barrydale

On Line Addiction Recovery Coaching And Counseling Help

I Assist You, as the Recovering Addict In Creating New Beginnings And To Move Forward And Build A New Life For Yourself.

Addiction Recovery Kempton ParkAddiction today in many forms has become part of society as a norm to cope with loss, challenges, low self esteem, past trauma etc.

Addictions have a traumatizing and adverse affect on you the individual and your family, as well as anyone else involved. To recover from any form of addiction takes an holistic approach as well as a thorough understanding of all the dynamics involved.

I use the same approach and principles as explained in emotional coaching. I also assist you with creating healthy family relationships, healthy self image etc.

You as the recovery addict face many challenges. The addiction coaching and counselling for the recovery process takes place in stages and once you are on your way to recovery it can be challenging to face life and build new relationships, career, trust, self image etc.

I assist your family and yourself to move forward from the bondage the addiction had on all your lives involved. Us loved ones don’t always have the knowledge as to what role we play in the addicts recovery process and I help you and your family to reset boundaries as well as understand your  different phases of the recovery process.

You as the recovering addict have to establish healthy patterns, goals and a new self image in order to fully engage and believe in your recovery. This addiction recovery coaching and counselling process also involves discovering the emotional triggers and the root cause of these triggers to be able to fully deal with the emotions and heal the emotional wounds that is part of the addiction problem.

My own experience of addiction in my personal family life (alcohol, drug, medication, co-dependency, depression, food, sex addictions) allows me to understand you as the addict as well as your family and all the dynamics involved and therefore I can apply my experience as well as my knowledge from study the Recovery Coach Course (please see my page: qualifications and experience )to fully support the recovery process.

The Addiction recovery coaching Process involves your full consciousness and interest to fully benefit from the coaching conversation.

Please visit my contact page to set up an on line appointment. All my addiction recovery coaching sessions is outcomes based and as a result that you work with your own personal motivation, the results are also lasting and life changing. Preferred mode of councelling and coaching is On line face or video calls, emailing or your preferred method of on line services. I am based in Barrydale. servicing surrounding areas such as Montaque, Swellendam, Ladismith, Heidelbert and other areas in the Western Cape.

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