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Online Marriage Counselling and Coaching

Barrydale and surrounding Western Cape areas, and online email Marriage Coaching

Online Marriage Counselling and Coaching For Couples in South Africa

Online email services, weekend break away seminars at our guesthouse Kleine Windpompie, Western Cape, Barrydale  

Pre-Marriage Counselling Kempton ParkI assist couples with marriage counselling and coaching to  handle their differences and concerns in their marriage.

Marriage counselling and coaching Promotes effective communication to understand and grow together and assist in Understanding your own and partner’s emotions.

– Marriage counselling and coaching identifies co-dependency versus interdependency and the importance of self love and personal growth and healthy boundaries in the marriage relationship.

– Marriage counselling and coaching creates and assist to maintain an intimate connection and respect between married partners that leads to a “WE” mentality versus Me an You mind set that causes most problems in the marriage.

A very effective Marriage Counselling and Coaching Program dealing with issues such as

  • Controlling behaviours,
  • over and under functioning,
  • Love languages,
  • intimacy and connection,
  • respectful communication,
  • stages of marriage,
  • emotional triggers,
  • transactional analysis, Mindsight, Power struggles and much more.

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Do you have marriage difficulties?


 (I will be giving and teaching the MARRIAGE COUNSELLING AND COACHING tools to assist you in the process)

  1. YOU AS THE MARRIED COUPLE should be individually willing to look into your own emotional contribution that you bring into the relationship. NOT to only focus on your partners mistakes.
  2. YOU AS THE MARRIED individual must have the need and wanting to understand your own EMOTIONAL health AND emotional pain that influence the current status of your marriage.
  3. You will have to understand that you are able and should assist your partner to become his or her best version of themselves in stead of wanting to change your partner to how you want them to be. (allow freedom and support for change and growth)
  4. Understand that behaviour is not the person and behaviour can change.
  5. We are all human and not perfect, and it is okay to make mistakes….we are all learning and growing from our mistakes…as long as we are willing to learn and grow…therefore we need to practice the habit of understanding human weakness and have a forgiving attitude
  6. Both of you as married individuals should understand that not to grow is to stagnate or to regress
  7. Willingness to undergo spiritual and emotional transformation in order to have your desired individual as well as marital outcome.
  8. Marriage counselling and coaching teaches that life is a process and change can take time. Marriage coaching and counselling also teaches that we can enjoy the process 🙂
  9. Marriage counselling and coaching highlights your need for a healthy humour to take you as a married couple through the tough times
  10. Marriage counselling and coaching defines COMMITMENT and A loving intimate connection that results by both married individuals understand mutual RESPECT in the marriage.


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