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Step Family Counselling Western Cape and online coaching

Looking for Step Family Counselling help and coaching? I operate from Barrydale in the Western Cape and surrounding suburbs such as Montaque, Swellendam, Ladismith, Heidelberg as well as on line emailing services. SarahC, herself a step mother and qualified Coach will guide you and coach your step family in Kempton Park.  Step families can be very difficult to integrate, and you need step family counselling and step family coaching, then SarahC is the Life Coach for you.

Steer Your Step Family In The Right Direction With Counseling And Coaching From SarahC, a Step Mother

Step families can be very difficult to integrate, you may need help…

Step Family Counselling Kempton ParkStep family counselling and coaching assist you as the blending family in

  • Dealing with  your individual and mutual personality differences that results in conflict.
  • The Step family counselling and coaching sessions will also help to identify previous famioly habits and build new family rituals to allow healthy blending and comfortable space for everyone in this new complicated family set up.
  • The Step family counselling and coaching sessions will assist in understanding unrealistic and unfair expectations that step family members could have and can result in painful disappointments for all of you valued family members involved.
  • Building healthy relationships among step children and step parents and
  • understanding individuality and individual uniqueness.
  • Respecting boundaries. The Step family counselling and coaching sessions will explain the boundary difficulties and assist in re-setting boundaries.
  • The Step family counselling and coaching sessions will help you as the step family in learning to read, understand and deal with strong emotions among the step children and step parents.
  • The Step family counselling and coaching sessions assisting Families to move forward after having dealt with set backs such as infidelity, addictions, resentments, or any painful experiences that lead to the break up of the nuclear family.
  • The Step family counselling and coaching sessions  will identify and address pass baggage that are possibly carried into the new family set up and causing you and your new loved ones harm and could possibly resolve into endless resentments and blame.

Step families are very complicated and challenging if you and your family do not get professional and objective assistance – I assist through Step family Counselling and Coaching in blending these complicated relationships and dealing with the feelings of individual frustration, resentments and despair. The Step family counselling and coaching sessions will create new hope and joyful family life and assist in harmonious blending.

I am a step mother with my own biological children that had to undergo many days and years of frustration in order to understand my new family dynamics. I fully understand the huge challenge and time it can take for us as step parents and our children to come to terms with this very demanding and sometimes hopeless family set up. Through many trials and hard work i can now assist families with my own personal experience as well as my Step family coaching tools and counselling experience.

Through counselling and coaching I can help you integrate your step family

Contact me for an affordable and quality Step family counselling and coaching session on how to save, improve and enjoy your new step family. All my sessions are outcomes based.

I am based in Barrydale Western Cape and work in surrounding suburbs as well as online coaching per emailing as well as  weekend break aways

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