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SarahC Trauma Counselling Western Cape, Barrydale and surrounding areas as well as online coaching

If You Are Looking For assistance in Trauma Counselling and recovery coaching in the western cape Then Look No Further. I am based in Barrydale and service the surrounding areas as well as online.

I can assist you with trauma counseling Western cape, online, weekend break aways in Barrydale.

Trauma Counselling & Coaching

Trauma Counselling And Coaching Will Help You To Understand The Impact The Traumatic Event Had And Still Have On You

Once traumatized one could be absorbed into the experience and not objectively see it for what it is.

I am qualified to assist you in the trauma recovering process through Trauma Counselling and Coaching

What impact is the trauma experience having on your life?

  • Is it causing you to not live in the moment? Is it numbing your feelings?
  • Is it causing you to have some of the following feelings: confused, scared, anxious, angry, depressed, lonely, resentful, worried, unstable…..maybe any other painful and uncomfortable feelings?

Undergoing any traumatic event a person needs to understand and learn from certain process to emotionally and physically come to terms with the event and the changes it brought about in their lives.

Trauma Counselling Kempton ParkThe Trauma recovery process is ongoing and needs to be fully understood in order for the human to feel NORMAL again.

I will teach and assist and pinpoint out to you the different process and where you might be in your journey working with this current, previous or upcoming fearful, numbing or traumatizing phase of your life.

Trauma can involve many things that could have happened in the past and not yet dealt with or is currently happening:

  • Emotional abusive relationships at work or home or in friendships.
  • divorce, separation, abandonment
  • rape, violence, crime
  • death, loss, illness
  • moving home, changing jobs, or any huge life changing experience etc.

I will assist you in your journey on healing painful feelings brought upon by the event, triggering old feelings from previous experiences and how to cope with upcoming fears (appropriate tools as well as after service support and following up on your well being. (I give homework, reading material, email support etc.)

Every trauma counselling and coaching session in my practice are guaranteed to help you with understanding the journey in the trauma recovering process, dealing with the associate feelings and deal with necessary changes. All sessions are outcomes based.

Everybody needs to be assisted at some point in their life whilst undergoing stressful events such as Divorce, coping with loss, dealing with change, ageing and acceptance, health changes, difficult emotional issues, and much much more.

Working with an experiences and qualified Life Coach could just relieve some of these very traumatizing experiences. Nobody needs to be alone and having an objective helping hand might just put situations in more perspective and easier to cope with.

Please Note:

I respect each individuals religion, space of emotional needs and perspectives. The Client set the paste for the session and request a goal he or she would like to achieve for the session, thus making sure YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT out of the session.

Contact me as soon as possible for affordable and productive Trauma Coaching and Counselling

Exploratory  Consultation

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Feel free to contact me for a exploratory consultation so we can see if we can connect and I can help you identifying and achieving your desired goals and outcomes.

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Find SarahC For Your Trauma Counselling in the Western Cape, online or on a weekend break away in Barrydale

Read this informative article on how trauma counselling Kempton Park can heal the wounds of the past .

Then contact me if you are looking for a trauma counselor in Kempton Park with experience in trauma counselling Kempton Park.

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