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“Coaching is a professional, collaborative and outcomes driven method of learning that seeks to develop an individual. This method of coaching raise self-awareness so that you might achieve specific goals and perform at a more effective level. Coaching is a solution-focused, results-orientated systematic process in which I, as the coach, facilitates the enhancement of performance, self directed learning and personal growth of you as an individual or you and your relationship partner”

“A skilled conversation which enables you to think for yourselve.”

“A way of asking questions that enables you to access you own mind, to find you own answers”.

“Enable you to gain clarity in your thinking:

  • To clarify what your want
  • To understand your current reality and your desired goal
  • To develop your own options
  • To develop your own plans about what you want to do”

A Coach has to be someone with self knowledge that understands how they contribute to the coaching session and how they influence the dynamics of the coaching relationship. A Coach should be a good a example of what they believe in and teach it with such energy.

To be a Coach is to be a thinking and conversational partner. The relationship is one of partnership. It is a journey from a current state of being to a desired state of being.

 The coaching process start at the current State(what is going on right now) and set a goal (where do you want to be/achieve/who you want to be) and develop a plan or journey to achieve a desired outcome/state/vision/dream.

My unique service to you…

With my Coaching qualifications and counselling background I use different methods and techniques to achieve maximum benefit out of every session. Coaching ans Counselling can assist with past issues and address matters in order to move forward and not stay “stuck”. Thus I offer a one stop holistic service to benefit the client whereby the co-active coaching and counselling addresses the clients whole life. I am personally passionate about personal growth and striving in living a life free from limiting beliefs and harmful habits. I am very experienced in life in dealing with people at all levels and want my clients to benefit from my own life experiences … the good as well as the not so good… therefore creates a safe emotional environment free from any judgement.

I believe in the good of every one and that we are all creations on an even level and we are not broken…we are all naturally creative, resourceful and whole.

“Life is a Process, Lets enjoy the Journey”


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